The Trail of Francis

The Via di Francesco is an itinerary that can be traveled on foot, by bicycle or on horseback, which connects different places steeped in the life and preaching of St. Francis of Assisi. This route is not only a pilgrimage route, but an experience that aims to evoke Franciscan spirituality in the territories crossed by the Poverello (Poor Little Man) during his travels.

The authenticity and charm of the Trail emerge from the close connection with the story of Francis: the views that open before the pilgrim’s eyes are the same that inspired the simple heart of Francis; the stages mark places imbued with his words and actions; the people you meet along the way carry with them this link to the Saint.

Umbria, despite the transformation of time, preserves its essence as the land of Francis, enriched by a spirituality that promotes love for the little things, respect and gratitude for creation, and a generous welcome to anyone you meet. Walking the Trail of Francis thus becomes an authentic spiritual journey, responding to the human desire, even in modern times, to seek the deepest meaning of one’s existence. The figure of Francis accompanies the pilgrim throughout the itinerary, speaking to the mind and heart of the wayfarer, of the possibility of living daily life in complete harmony with the world, humanity and the divine. This is a precious art of living, the authentic fruit of the journey to Assisi: a gift that Francis’ Umbria knows how to offer to the pilgrim and to anyone who approaches it with an open heart.

Via Enrico dal Pozzo, 101
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