Mount Subasio Park

Mount Subasio Park, with its diversified points of interest, offers a unique experience that blends nature, history and culture in a fascinating combination.

The ridge of the massif is home to peaks such as Mount Subasio, Mount Civitelle, La Sermolla, the San Rufino hill and the Madonna della Spella. This scenery, with its rounded shapes and the towns of Assisi and Spello that extend along the slopes, gives Monte Subasio an easily recognizable identity in the Umbrian landscape. In addition to separating the historic centers of Assisi, Spello, Nocera Umbra and Valtopina, Mount Subasio unifies these places as a natural setting. Its peak, mainly flat and characterized by karst phenomena, contrasts the steep slopes, especially in the eastern part.

Pilgrims passing through this area could easily recognize the function of the building through the symbols that adorned the door. On the right side, the Franciscan tau; on the left, the stick with the bag; In the center of the arch carved in stone, the cross of the Hospitallers.

The slopes of Mount Subasio are covered with important vegetation, which can be divided into three bands: olive groves from Assisi to Spello, natural woods of Turkey oak, downy oak, hornbeam, manna ash, maple, beech and holm oak, and resinous forests in the cacuminal pasture meadows. Although hunting is forbidden in the vast state-owned area, the fauna is limited, with sporadic presences of wolves, golden eagles, and rock partridges However, the current management favors the colonization of partridge, wild cat, squirrel, wood pigeon, pica, jay, porcupine, badger, fox, weasel and wild boar. Among the birds of prey, buzzards, goshawks and scops owls are found, especially on the eastern side.

Among the most notable karst phenomena are the Mortaro Grande, the Mortaro Piccolo or Mortaiolo and the Mortaro delle Trosce, sinkholes with a shape similar to that of a mortar. Located on Mount Civitelle, these phenomena characterize the landscape with steep walls and rounded bottoms. The Fossa Rotonda and the Fossa Cieca are other important sinkholes, while the practice of canyoning in the Fosso Marchetto Gorge offers an evocative spectacle. The holm oak forest of the Hermitage of the Carceri and the beech forest of Macchione, as well as the Summit Meadows colored by flowers, complete the environmental richness of the Monte Subasio Park.

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