Porziuncola Museum

The Portiuncula is a small sacred building located inside the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, a few kilometers from Assisi.

This place is of crucial importance in the history of Franciscanism, being the place where St. Francis of Assisi founded the Order of Friars Minor in 1209. The Portiuncula, whose name means “small portion of land”, is a small church dating back to medieval times, restored and modified several times over the centuries.

Inside, the faithful can admire frescoes from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, including the representation of the Virgin and Child, attributed to painters of the Umbrian school of the thirteenth century. The Portiuncula remains a powerful symbol of St. Francis’ humility and devotion, representing a fundamental point of reference for the faithful around the world.

Piazza della Porziuncola, 2
Santa Maria degli Angeli (PG)