Roman Forum And Archaeological Collection

The Roman Forum of Assisi is an archaeological site of great importance located in the heart of the city of Assisi, in Umbria, Italy. This site reveals the city’s rich Roman history, having been the center of Assisi’s public and political life during Roman times. The Forum, or public square, was the place where the main commercial, political, and religious activities of the ancient city took place.

Archaeological excavations have unearthed significant remains, including a number of well-preserved Roman structures, such as temple bases, colonnades, road pavements, and parts of the drainage system. One of the most fascinating aspects of the Roman Forum of Assisi is the chance to observe the historical stratifications that show how the city has evolved over the centuries.

Also under the current square is the Temple of Minerva, one of the best preserved in Italy, with its imposing façade with six Corinthian columns that still dominates the cityscape today. Currently, the temple houses the Church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, evidence of the transformation of pagan buildings into places of Christian worship.

A visit to the Roman Forum of Assisi offers visitors a unique immersion in ancient history, allowing them to literally walk through the ages and discover the deep Roman roots of a city now more famous for its religious heritage linked to St. Francis.

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